I lie, you lay. You lied. 
You diagrammed the seduction 

Deftly, forking pink tongue 
To form the awkward syntax. 

Afterwards, my eyebrows arch 
Forming exclamations and questions 

As you reach for your watch, 
Strapping the finality in place. 

This does not require a question mark; 
Your actions are statements. 

I have to go, you say. 
Her flight arrives at ten. 

Behind your words waits a period, 
Forcing a long, speechless pause. 

I sit cross-legged, frowning atop the vanity 
While you set the truth 

Squarely upon the bridge on my nose. 
The night was nice, don't ruin it. 

I wait for the comma with conjunction: 
..., But I'll call you tomorrow. 

Or the parenthetical aside: 
(I love you, not her.) 

You rise, turning from the bed, 
No explanations offered. 

I raise the curtain, the sunlight floods in.