Judy Grahn traces the linguistic and historical etymology of the word [bulldagger], citing the female warrior of A.D. 61, Boudica (pronounced boo-uh-dike-ay), a leader/queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe, who led an uprising against Roman imperialism to be captured ultimately and flogged, her daughters raped, but not before (with a confederation of Celtic tribes 120,000 strong) she burned to the ground what are now London and Colchester. 
                                                -SDiane A. Bogus, "The Queen B Figure in Black Literature" 


This precise minute marks the start of the third day, 
And save for the quarter hour when her body sank, 
The Warrior continues to tread a tearful insomnia.


Unlike Eve, Boudica has carefully considered 
The consequences of igniting passion's flame, 
Realizing she's the Queen of spades-scarlet fruit.


Tremulous, she nibbles the gap-toothed allusion, 
Undamming diaphanous dribble down her chin until 
Desire descends like the phoenix. Only the fiery core


Remains. Where there was once destruction, now a hibernal garden 
Blooms, a gesture of invitation tantamount to an upturned palm. 
Seedlings, near invisible to the eye, have brought forth red camellias 

Like beginnings. Vigorous possibilities that will grow and become....