I only said that we looked
‘Bout the same size.  How was I to know
That an off-hand remark
Would be regarded
Like Friday’s catch served fresh Monday.
Okay, maybe I did kinda-sorta-perhaps
Happen to have mentioned
That some of her tracks might need more
Glue.  That sister/girl thing is
Tenuous at best, but any real woman
Knows her hair is her
Crowning glory.  So I’ve always kept
My hair did and my sisters
Have always been
My only friends.
They, at least,
My jokes. 

                Minerva’s sibilant campaign
Began thus.  Carefully planting
Lies, lies, nothing but
Lies. Everyone knew she was eye-twitchin’
Crazy.  The hussy sent a known busybody
To do her dirt.  My every utterance
Misconstrued, slip-sliding free of
My good intentions.  My good name
Ruined  This is how
Living gets to be so
Tedious.  This is why
People turn to stone.