don't want no 
'cause it's the right thing 
people at my funeral 
taking up space 
'cause guilt put on their shoes 

don't want no 
pious preacher man 
praying over me triumphantly 
flouting me 'cause I finally had to 
submit to a man 

something brimstone 
couldn't scare me to do 
don't want no 
flowers blooming pretty 
while their stems been slit to die 

no don't want no parts of that 
gimme lotsa lush hearty plants 
some moaning and toe-tappin' and them 
soul-stirring songs gimme 'member when 
stories yarned through salty smiles 

and enough as ahs 
to last from dust till dawn 
as a friend as a daughter 
as a lover (sigh) and always 
no matter what else as a sister 

(mourners shake their heads 
say a low ah-men and cry) 
but most definitely as a woman 
yes a woman I reckon 
like as not one of those... 

lap-legged white liver 
wiggle-walk women 
who knew 'xactly 
what she did not want 
long 'fore she died