I. So Close to Crazy 

Today the crazies 
came to visit. I threw wide 
my door in welcome. 

My neighbors should think 
my vow to never bear arms 
a divine portent. 

II. All I Have To Do 

I do not believe 
in violence, nor husbands, yet I 
found both in my bed. 

Physical displays 
bore experts in the dark arts, 
psychic savagery. 

III. Is Spin Around Now 

Outside my window 
cold, sienna leaves touched coarse 
fingers to the wind. 

Father stopped by to find 
an unkempt woman peeking 
from behind the blinds. 

IV. To Kiss Its Full Lips 

Thinking that leaving 
home would siphon energy 
I could not afford, 

He tread quietly 
to the kitchen and opened 
cans of soup for lunch.