Those wings you have 
-Charcoal and silvery, 
Strong-were mine. 

Protective like familial love, 
They will guide you 
As they did me 
In visions of a similar fate, 
A car crash 
Surrounded by crystalline 
Shards of light. 

Those wings you have 
-Charcoal and silvery, 
Strong-were mine. 

Give them to me. 
Voids hidden within 
Fill with angry-tasting bile. 
Yes, I am furious with you. 
You stole those macabre wings; 
I promise, I thought they were 
Stored safely away. 

Don't flash that smile at me. 
I want to be mad at you 
Just for a while 

-Oh, I give up! 
But those wings you have, 
They were mine. 
Please quit your fussing. 
I know they don't fit proper. 
Hold still, boy, 
Before I poke you with a pin. 

These wings definitely aren't your style, 
But no one told you to go running off 
Not telling hide nor hair when you'd return. 

The tailor wasn't expecting 
You-so soon. 
These will have to make do. 
Yes, yes. I know 
You don't like them much, 
But they'll keep you warm 
Till your translucent ones arrive.