The interstice before
Waking is green
Like new patience.
Wait, see
The purling
Thread of green
Brightness, either
Lightning or lightbulb,
Some quixotic angel
Rustling green wings
As if they were books
Filled with dollar bills
Before holding a rapturous
Note more pure than Etta, Ella,
Dinah, Sarah, Aretha & Nina
Combined, saying
"You've slept
All night
In your clothes.
Here let me
Unhook your bra."
Verily, I say unto thee
Chivalry is
Experiencing a renaissance!
Open jalousies 
Tinctured by a coppice of myrtle
Whisper humidity.
Green and lambent
Moonless winds
Graze my breasts,
A consecration of green. 
Withal, my stomach
Green with bile
Makes its plea
Against privation:
Viand please.
My wants simple,
Needs few. Give me
Bumptious troves of green,
Diurnal doses of this
Waking state.